Hadoop Deployment Planning Workshop

An increasing number of organizations are seeking ways to profit from Big Data, and Hadoop is increasingly serving as the most capable conduit to unlock its inherent value. When adopting Hadoop as a key component in your enterprise architecture, you should carefully consider which Hadoop platform to choose and pay particular attention to Data Security, Performance/Scalability and Manageability.

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Hadoop Jumpstart Services

Our Jumpstart Services help you get up and running quickly with Hadoop in your organization, whether on-premise or in the Cloud. Our certified experts guide you through implementation, demonstrate core functionality and prepare your users to take full advantage of the new features and benefits of the technology.

We deliver a Hadoop cluster installed & configured ready for data ingestion, transfer our knowledge on activities performed and provide you with an Integration & Operation document comprising High Level architecture and a detailed description of the configuration.

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Hadoop Data Ingestion Pilot

Build a Custom Big Data Pipeline

Data ingestion and transformation is the next step in all Big Data projects. Hadoop’s extensibility results from high availability of varied and complex data, but the identification of data sources and the provision of HDFS and MapReduce instances can prove challenging. Iode Consulting will architect and implement a custom ingestion and ETL pipeline to quickly bootstrap your Big Data solution.

A typical Hadoop Data Ingestion Pilot consists of the following activities:

  • Identify solution requirements to include data sources, transformations, and egress points
  • Architect and develop a pilot implementation for up to 3 data sources, 5 transformations, and 1 target system
  • Develop a deployment architecture that will result in a production deployment plan
  • Review the Hadoop cluster and application configuration

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Hadoop Training

Iode Consuling is your expert source for Apache Hadoop training and certification. Public and private courses are available for developers, administrators and other IT professionals involved in implementing big data solutions. Courses combine presentation material with industry-leading hands-on labs that fully prepare students for real-world Hadoop scenarios.

All students that successfully complete a Hortonworks training course are well prepared to sit for the respective Hortonworks certification exam. Hortonworks certification identifies you as an expert in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

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